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99.9999% Effective against Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1, C. difficile, Coronavirus, and More!

The Drytech Environmental Process

Do you have a flu outbreak that you can't get under control? Are you worried about the dreaded Coronavirus spreading through your staff and affecting your everyday operations? No Problem! Let us come disinfect your facilities.


At DrytechEnvironmental, we specialize in the emergency or routine disinfecting of any surface or building that people come in contact with on a everyday basis. Using innovate Binary Ionization Technology, we disinfect all hard, non-porous, high touch surfaces including sensitive equipment, all electronics, and fabrics. Our innovative technology, also known as SteraMist, is a visual fog that moves like a gas to reach surfaces and areas that regular disinfectants cannot. 

We're the ONLY company in the Central Alabama Area that is authorized and trained to use the SteraMist system.

Drytech Environmental Services

(205) 637-0143

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What Type of Facilities Do We Disinfect?

School Building Sterilization
Emergency Vehicles
Nurse And Patient



Office Buildings

Kids in Preschool

Daycare Facilities

Home Decor

Residential Houses, Apartments, and More!

Why STERAMIST is the Right Solution

An Innovator in Community based disinfection/decontamination, odor, and mold control

Implementing the use of ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHPTM) powered by SteraMist Binary Ionization Technology® (BITTM) provides many benefits to a facility. This powerful tool is capable of eliminating all contamination challenges within critical environments faster than any competitors on the market and without the production of byproducts.

This technology offers:

  • A visual mist that moves like a gas.

  • Touchless application disinfection/decontamination solution.

  • Quick drying time - no wipe, no rinse, no residue.

  • No blistering of paint and is silver ion free.

  • Compatible with surfaces commonly found in all facilities including rubbers, finished surfaces, and all electronic devices.

  • Proven efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms.


​**EPA Registered against a wide range of microorganisms/EPA Reg. No. 90150-2**



710 Industrial Park Drive
Pelham, Alabama 35124



Tel. 205-637-0143


Monday - Friday 12am - 12am

Saturday 12am - 12am

Sunday 12am - 12am




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Why Should You Use Drytech?

  • 5 star ratings on multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. 

  • Available 24/7 

  • Honest and reputable sales staff who work for YOU

  • The only company in Alabama authorized to offer the innovative STERAMIST technology with a Six-Log kill (99.9999%)

  • Also knowledgable in Fire and Water restoration, Mold Remediation, and Re-construction making us a full service company! 

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